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Gemini Monthly Horoscope For April 2014


In the beginning of the month, Mars inspires you to understand the real estate business and you may try to lay your hands on it. The planetary wants you to work on something new or in a new manner, for your old business. You would be bound to do what you want to do industriously or even what you do not want to do. In some time Mars will be in position to offer financial gains. In the third week, many planets would affect the return value in your zodiac and increase financial gains. Due to this, prevailing activities would become rapid. You need to be extra cautious at this time. Number of minor tasks would increase and you will not be able to concentrate on your actual work. You will get the desired support from your children still, the unplanned work will increase the expense and you’ll fail to do the work as per your choice.The nature of work or business is expected to change. The time is not for big experiments but also not to be apprehensive about it. Grab the new opportunities because they will be fruitful. Your family repute or your business reputation will enhance in the second half of the month. This would also help psychologically.


This month is good. The pace of work will be slow in the first week but you may get excited to take a new business in hand. Results would not be immediate and even after working rigorously you will not get the desired success. The second week is moderate but the conditions of better earning and profitability would increase in the third week. The last few days of the month will be spectacular and around no-moonnight, sudden receiving of significant money and more than average profit is predicted. It is a good time to settle old accounts. You may make slight change in business disposition, people in service can expect additional perks and privileges. Business trips are possible and partial results would be realized immediately. The profit would be less in proportion to the amount of work but nothing would be unprofitable. The work will happen according to your choice but the success percentage would be less in second and more in the first half of the month. You may change your work strategy accordingly.


This month will be usual. Youngsters are advised controlled speed while driving slow and do not drive if dizzy, also do not get into hazardous activity. Adults would suffer of blood disorders and bad digestive system. Saturn and Rahu together can increase the possibility of nervous problems related to arthritis and neglecting the symptoms would bring serious repercussions. You would be worried about your spouse. They could suffer quandary and if the problem is psychological then can be cured but any physical ailment would need attention. Traversing Jupiter is in favor of not putting you or your spouse in any hazard. Keep close to the doctors.


You would be alert to all your relations. You would be popular and busy attendingfamily functions. At some occasions you would have to force yourself for this and misunderstanding may creep in the second half of the month. Special attention should be given to love relationships as it can take perilous turn and you would be responsible to safeguard it from devastation. You need to have strategic approach in business deals. Problem solutions lie in being prudent. Retrograde Mars will test your temperament. If you impress Mars then you can save any possible loss in business. Your social connections would be good in general. New people will join you but do not put your old acquaintance at stake. Mercury will be in the lower plains of celestial in the middle of the month. You would have to use your intelligence to avoid any loss in usual business. Service persons should not have impaired relations at work. All this would get over by the end of the month. Relations that got spoilt due to financial crisis would recuperate now.

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